Fertility Surgery

Some infertility issues are best resolved with a surgical procedure.

For both women and men, surgery is sometimes the most effective solution for accurately diagnosing or correcting an infertility problem. Here are some of those situations:

Women usually benefit from one of two procedures:


A procedure that allows us to examine the uterus to identify the cause of abnormal bleeding, and remove uterine growths like polyps and fibroids that can contribute to implantation failure, leading to miscarriages.

Laparoscopy/Robotic sugery

In cases where invasive surgery is required, physicians at Ferny take the latest state-of-the-art approach with laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

Rather than the surgeon’s hands using instruments to make a large incision, robotic arms make several small, less invasive incisions. The surgeon sits at a control console a few feet from the patient and views a highly magnified, three-dimensional image of the abdominal and pelvic interior structures.

All movements of the camera and robotic instruments are performed precisely in real-time using ergonomic finger controls to view, biopsy and remove unusual growths in the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries or the peritoneum. The tips of these instruments, which include miniature tweezers, lasers and scissors, can make any wrist-like turn the surgeon desires.

Benefits of robotic surgery include quicker patient recovery, less pain, true 3D view with increased surgeon control, and reduced blood loss during the procedure compared with conventional surgeries. Dr. Radjabi is a certified robotic surgeon.

Men with certain types of infertility can best be treated with:

Varicocele Repair

This outpatient surgical procedure easily corrects enlarged veins in the scrotum that can cause low-count or poor quality sperm.

Ejaculatory Duct Resection

A simple one-hour procedure that removes cysts, stones or other materials obstructing the volume of sperm flowing through the duct. The blockage is diagnosed with an ultrasound.

Vasectomy Reversal

Reconnects the male reproductive tract that has been closed off by a vasectomy, even after a long period of time. The microsurgery procedure can also reverse blockages in a man’s reproductive tract.

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