Infertility Testing

The first critically important step to becoming pregnant.

Why is it performed?

Infertility has many causes. At Ferny, we endeavor to find out exactly why each couple or individual is not conceiving and base our treatment on that diagnosis. We work carefully with patients to ensure that only the most needed tests are performed.

What is the process?

We start with a review of your fertility history and a complete physical exam. Typically this includes an ultrasound and blood tests to get a complete picture of your reproductive health, to determine if infertility stems from the woman, partner (or donor), or both.

The basic infertility evaluation of all couples consists of:

  • Semen analysis
  • Assessment of hormone status by history or laboratory testing
  • Determination of tubal patency, presence or absence of abnormalities of the uterine cavity and the cervix

Further testing may include genetic screen testing, antibody testing for both partners and a hysteroscopy of the uterus for the woman.

At Ferny, we work with you carefully to make sure only the most necessary and informative tests are performed. In some cases, no amount of extensive testing will reveal the exact cause of infertility, but all results are still enormously helpful in eliminating possible causes and tailoring your treatment.

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