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Fertility Clinic of New York City

Ferny specializes in fertility treatments that put you on the most promising path to a successful pregnancy. Schedule your consultation

Ferny helps with family planning

Now or later, planning your family is easier with us.

Whether you’re looking to conceive now or just planning ahead, we can help.

Ferny offers the right fertility solution

Not conceiving? We can help.

Treatments for infertility are achieving greater-than-ever success rates. The Ferny fertility clinic of Manhattan, NYC  is at the very forefront of these advances, helping couples and individuals, including same-sex partners, realize their dream of having a baby.

Our array of services—from expert diagnoses to personalized fertility treatments, to egg freezing and genetic testing—are rendered with a level of care rare in its compassion, knowing that the emotional aspects of fertility planning are integral to successful outcomes.

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Ferny offers the highest standard of reproductive medicine

Ferny is a one-stop fertility clinic


Our one-stop state-of-the-art treatment facility excels in pinpointing causes.

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With Ferny, you're in good hands


Our caring doctors are pioneers in their respective fields. They take the time to know you and employ the latest fertility techniques to help you conceive.

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Just making an appointment can ease your frustration and anxiety.

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Our approach: Identify the infertility cause, then offer the best solution for you.

At Ferny Fertility Clinic, no two fertility challenges are alike. This understanding is vital to our mission to seek out the cause of infertility and design a customized course of action to treat it.

Often, the answer is simpler and more easily resolved than our patients anticipate. Just knowing the cause can be a huge emotional burden lifted.

You’ll also be put at ease by the friendliness and genuine optimism of our staff. And all of our tests and procedures are performed in-house, so there are no referral runarounds to deal with.

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Our medical and support staffs are passionate about helping families struggling with infertility.

Consummate skill, compassion and successful outcomes place us among the top fertility facilities in the country. Our esteemed medical staff includes Founder and CEO Dr. A. Reza Radjabi, a double-trained physician and scientist who performs fertility surgeries as a robotic surgeon.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Celilia Schmidt-Sarosi, holds the distinction of being responsible for the first successful pregnancy on the East coast using oocytes.

Dr. Masood A. Khatamee is a Reproductive Endocrinologist and 2017 Nobel Prize nominee in Medicine. Dr. Mitchell Essig has over 35 years of experience in fertility care, and is a Diplomate of ABOG (American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology). Dr. Simon Barkagan specializes in Urology infertility.

Our medical team’s paramount objective is to deliver the best and most compassionate evaluation and care. And we customize our treatment plans to offer you and your family the greatest chance of succeeding.

Meet our doctors

Compassionate, personalized, innovative care distinguishes us

as one of New York’s finest fertility clinics

Personalized care from Ferny

We assign a personal care team to each patient.

Knowing how emotional the fertility process can be, and how it’s reassuring to interact with the same people each visit, we assemble a Personal Concierge Team that becomes intimately familiar with your case and cares for you every step of the way.

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