Compassionate, personalized, innovative care distinguishes us as one of New York’s finest fertility clinics.
Unrivaled facilities and staff

Unlike most New York fertility clinics, Ferny has an in-house lab, making it easier for our patients to undergo procedures without having to travel to offsite facilities. We have a resident urologist, which also expedites examinations and treatments. And we can communicate with patients who speak German, Persian, Italian, Spanish and French. Led by our renowned fertility doctors, our kindhearted staff is keenly understanding of both the medical and emotional needs of each patient as they make their fertility journey.

Distinguished medical team

Consummate skill, compassion and successful outcomes place us among the top fertility facilities in the country.

We take great pride in our ability to help you through what is often an exciting and challenging experience. Our founder and ferny CEO, Dr. Reza Radjabi is a double trained physician and professor. Dr. Radjabi’s research initiatives have resulted in important advances in reproductive technology. He was the first who extracted miRNAs (micro RNAs) form formalin embedded tissues in the State of Illinois and he established this technique at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

His caring nature and devotion to your needs are key to helping you conceive a child, now or in the future.

Our esteemed medical staff includes 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine nominee, Dr. Masood A. Khatamee, reproductive Endocrinologist and IVF specialist Dr. Mitchell Essig.  We customize our care and treatment plans that have the best chance of succeeding for you and your family.

Family planning success

We combine the latest fertility technology with over 35 years of clinical practice to develop unique, innovative treatment plans tailored to your fertility goals. All procedures are performed in-house so there’s no traveling from one location to the next. Whether you are taking your first steps in family planning, interested in fertility preservation, or struggling to find a fertility treatment that will finally work for you, we are ready to help.

Ferny’s leading-edge treatments, personalized protocols and superior success rates make us the right choice to attaining your family planning dreams. Working with families and watching them grow is why we love what we do.

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