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Egg Donation

Donor eggs bring new hope to women in special situations.

WHY IS IT PERFORMED? Women past the age of 40 face greater risks during their pregnancy, as does the health of the baby. Ovarian decline can also occur at an earlier age due to illness, chemotherapy, a genetic predisposition, or surgical removal of the ovaries.

In all of these instances, using a donor egg can ensure a safe, healthy and successful pregnancy. And for women in same-sex relationships, donor eggs allow both partners to participate in the birth, one as the donor and the other to carry the child

HOW IS IT DONE? Patients either can opt for a private donor, for example a family member’s eggs to keep their gene pool intact, or select an anonymous donor through a qualified agency. These donors are carefully vetted for personal, family and medical history, and undergo psychological screenings, medical evaluations, substance abuse tests, and follicle health tests before starting IVF.

Many recipients prefer donors who have previously conceived or donated eggs that have resulted in pregnancies, indicators that the donor has healthy eggs suitable for fertilization, transplanting and cryopreservation.

At the Ferny fertility clinic, we can guide you through the entire egg donor process, giving you the greatest chance of bringing a pregnancy to term with donated eggs.

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