We had a great experience. He was able to give us a clear explanation of IVF process and addressed all questions and concerns.

Anonymous - Thu Apr, 2019

It was great

Anonymous - Mon Feb, 2019

explained everything that I needed to know. Dr. Radjabi took his time and explained me every question that i had. he has been the best doctor that I've have had!!!!!

Anonymous - Thu Feb, 2019

He explains things so well and I have never had a doctor explain things in so much details like he did. I will be returning to him.

M. N. - Wed Feb, 2019

Fantastic and caring doctor. Did not make me feel rushed, answered all my questions and gave me piece of mind

Hayley B - Thu Feb, 2019

I am not only blown away by Dr.Radjabi's knowledge, but also by the amount of patience he has. I was able to quickly learn and understand everything he was explaining to me. He's the bomb.

Anonymous - Wed Jan, 2019

great work and wonderful staff

Anonymous - Fri Jan, 2019

This is the only doctor I found who does sperm sorting. sex selection of your baby. why leave it up to chance? I like to plan everything. always wanted a little boy. now its possible. thank you so much!

Nikki C. - Thu Dec, 2018

Dr Radjabi was very helpful in explaining all my options, the pros and cons of each option, and was very understanding of my opinions. He was patient and took a lot of time. The office is underwhelming from the outside but will surprise you once you walk in and are immediately welcomed.

C. K. - Tue Dec, 2018

high grade of willingness to spend time with me. Extremely helpful, professional and clear. Great doctor and wonderful character too!

A. H. - Thu Dec, 2018

Dr. Radjabi was very thorough explaining to me about my condition. Staff was very patient and caring. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

R. L. - Tue Dec, 2018

Normally, first time visits do a new doctor is full of angst and trepidation.....from the office in the front desk, to the nurse, all was calm, professional....they even serve fresh coffee..! I was seen on a Friday afternoon with in 15 minutes of my appointment time...excellent The doctors bedside manner, was instantly comforting....and I knew I was in the capable, learned hands of a first class professional, who ACTUALLY CARED. If you are in need of a good doctor, run and make an appointment

Jennifer S. - Sat Dec, 2018

Dr took time to explain the process, pros and cons. Felt very comfortable chatting with him. Definitely recommend to others.

B. D. - Fri Dec, 2018

Doctor was very informative and took the time to explain all our options.

Anonymous - Fri Dec, 2018

Every member of the FERNY clinic is focused on making patients feel comfortable and respected. Dr. Radjabi is an extremely kind, approachable professional with a warm demeanor and an extremely reasonable, step-wise approach to fertility that make you feel confident in his skill and concern for your well-being. Thali (apologies for any misspellings of your name!) is an incredible nurse with perfect beside manner and a light touch. Great experience from top to bottom for this nervous patient!

K. L. - Thu Nov, 2018

My appointment was exactly what I needed it to be. The doctor kindly explained how we would address my issues, concerns, what everything meant. We did diagnostic tests and then moved into next steps. Overall a great experience and I will recommend this practice to other women.

M. N. - Wed Nov, 2018

This is my first visit with Dr, Radjabi and I came in feeling very anxious and am leaving feeling very relieved. I can't thank you and your office enough for putting me and my husband at ease and giving us a plan to work towards.

Armi N. - Fri Nov, 2018

Doctor A Radjabi was very nice and he explained everything very clearly to us. We are very happy to have him to be our doctor.

P. L. - Fri Nov, 2018

amazing dr. with professionalism and care.

Anonymous A. - Tue Nov, 2018

I have never been treated by any doctor as wonderful as Dr. Radjabi has treated me. HE took his time to explain everything possible protocol without any empty promises. I am hopeful and at ease.

J. D. - Fri Nov, 2018

It was a good informative first session and we will have follow up visits.

Anonymous - Thu Oct, 2018

the doctor is really caring and competent and kind

Sara L. - Tue Oct, 2018

He explain everything to me clearly. He was able to answer my questions. Will definitely be coming back.

Laurice K. - Fri Oct, 2018

Very thorough explanation of my diagnosis and clear next steps. Awesome!

Anonymous - Wed Oct, 2018

Every experience I've had with Dr. Radjabi and the staff has been wonderful. He took the time to make sure to give a correct diagnosis and make sure everything was clear before moving through with IVF. The nursing staff is so caring and incredible and the front staff is also so warm and welcoming.

Anonymous - Wed Oct, 2018

Dr. Radjabi discovered (and subsequently removed) a suspicious cyst that turned out to be a rare form of ovarian cancer. I have since been able to treat the cancer surgically, and I am working with Dr. Radjabi to freeze an embryo. Dr. Radjabi has made me feel safe and supported during one of the scariest experiences imaginable. I have no doubt his abundant knowledge, expertise, and diligence saved my life, and my fertility. You simply will not find a more competent or caring physician.

Julia K. - Fri Oct, 2018

Really nice and informative would recommend.

Shelsie D. - Fri Sep, 2018

He makes me feel hopeful...he's very optimistic!

Shanda R. - Sat Sep, 2018

I met with Dr. Radjabi twice and each time I had a positive experience. He explains everything thoroughly and makes sure you understand before moving on. I love the MD's approach in finding the root cause of the problem. Dr. Radjabi's staff are very professional and warm. I would recommended Dr. Radjabi to anyone needing assistance in conceiving.

Anonymous - Thu Sep, 2018

Dr Radjabi took all the time to explain everything to me. I did not feel the appt was rushed at all. Perfect bedside manner. The staff was very nice and comforting. Happy to have found him in my journey.

I. L. - Thu Sep, 2018

Ferny is the perfect clinic in upper east side. I can't thank Dr. Radjabi and his staff for taking such great care of us.

A. R. - Wed Sep, 2018

listens, communicates, and is very passionate about what he does and has a high willingness to help.

B. J. - Sat Sep, 2018

he explained to me everything about my health problems. he was so dedicated when he was talking to me about the process that I'm going to be through.

P. M. - Tue Sep, 2018

it was a very pleasant and informative experience. dr radjabi is a very easy to talk person. the only thing that i feel they need to improve is the waiting time.

Anonymous - Thu Aug, 2018

Dr. Radjabi is very attentive and knowledgeable. He takes time to explain things and always gives opportunity for questions. The nurse is excellent -- very caring and supportive. Excellent clinic, would highly recommend!

H. F. - Tue Aug, 2018

He made me feel very comfortable and at ease!

Anonymous - Thu Aug, 2018

Doctor Radjabi is very nice and he really takes time to explain you everything, which is appreciated a lot.

M. G. - Thu Aug, 2018

nice enviroment. love the staff, very friendly and helpful. and the doctor very understanding. love it. thanks

Reina T. - Wed Aug, 2018

White glove service from the entire staff and has been a wonderful experience! The best of the best

Anonymous - Thu Aug, 2018